Electronic Symphony

Particle Twirl

Electronic Symphony

Particle Twirl

music for misfits

music for misfits

Hello, my name is Juc [Jut͡s]. With my dark, vocal-electronic music for misfits, I create a space where you can come in, settle down and let go. My vision of a good life is a creative playground where no one has to compromise to belong. In our performance-oriented system we often have little strength left to pursue our true nature.

Electronic music appeals to me because of its structure and the possibility to break it. For me, true freedom is only possible with a clear scope of action. Without rules, there’s nothing to align yourself to – and nothing to position yourself against. The absence of scope means the absence of choice – and who are we if we’re not able to choose our own fate?

nerd alert

I composed my first song at the age of seven on the piano. Around this time my father (himself a producer) introduced me to his synthesizers. I was immediately hooked. You could find me in our basement where I was frantically figuring out the exact BPM of a bass arp preset so that I could adjust the rest of my track to it. With my inexhaustible energy and my thirst for knowledge, I have always stood out – not always in a good way, though. Since primary school, I was taught: I cannot stay the way I am if I want to belong. My wings got clipped and my love for composing withered for almost 25 years. By immersing myself in musical subcultures such as metal and gothic, I experienced for the first time as a teenager what belonging feels like. The music of this world, shaped by emotions like melancholy, anger, despair and hope, made me sink into my headphones in every free minute. Scene hangouts like concerts, festivals and clubs are still places where I feel like a fish in water. Black still dominates my wardrobe.

the dreams of others aren’t mine

Full of vigour, I threw myself into everything I found exciting as an adult. I believed that if I worked hard enough to realise the vision of others, I would finally belong to “normal” society. In music, band after band failed to live up to this standard. At one moment in my life, when the sun was hardly visible from the bottom of a deep hole, I understood: If I wanted to get out of here, I could not keep trying to fit into other people’s structures. So I bought a Cubase licence and faced my demons – were there still melodies in me after all this time? To my boundless surprise I was bursting with song ideas. Within a few months I produced my first EP “Hello, my name is”, while dozens of projects were piling up on my PC. My clipped wings had grown back and carried me straight to my creative playground, where I don’t have to compromise to fit in. Wanna come play with me?


Between atmospheric soundscapes and my sometimes classical, sometimes modern voice, I build up arcs of tension waiting to be discharged in endorphin-rushing catharsis. The influences of my electronic symphonies range from Moderat, Polynation and Trentemøller to HÆLOS and London Grammar.




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Past Shows


Apr 6 – Burn Night @Birgit&Bier, Berlin – Particle Twirl feat. Performance by Dgin de Marbre & Kyttiara


Nov 25 – La Fesste, FR – Electronic Symphony

Sep 15 – Kultfest Dachau – Particle Twirl

Aug 12 – Love Foundation @ Unter Deck, MUC – Particle Twirl

Jul 5 – Nowhere, ES – Particle Twirl

Jun 10 – Munich Micro Burn – Particle Twirl

Mar 10 – BLOOM @ Import Export, MUC – Electronic Symphony

Dec 1 – Feierwerk, MUC – Electronic Symphony

Jul 16 – Feierwerk Funktstation, MUC – Electronic Symphony

May 14 – Kultuscheune Baiersdorf – Electronic Symphony

Apr 13 – we are subjects @ Import Export, MUC – Electronic Symphony Premiere

Online Festival @Nörgelbuff Göttingen

RAKETEREI Online Festival

Juc presents

Showcase with FLINTA+ electronic musicians in Southern Germany
28.11. Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich


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