A break from the daily grind

Are you utterly bored in this bleak lockdown winter, too?

…wanna party a bit (virtually)?

Then watch me perform live at the  Raketerei The Female in Music Festival 2020! 30 minutes of melancholic misfit music delivered straight to your favourite electronic device! There will be music! Dance! Colours! Bubbles! Dress for the occasion, shut everything else out and enjoy some well-deserved party-time.

How it works

Get your ticket from the link below and choose your preferred price category. After your purchase, you will receive an e-mail containing my heartfelt thanks and an exclusive link to the video.

The Supporter - 4,00 EURO

This is the standard "I support Juc and her music" price for this concert. You are awesome! Thank you for your support!

The Aficionado - 8,00 EURO

Ooooh, I see you are a person of distinguished taste and you want to show me how much you appreciate what I'm doing! Thank you for paying a bit more to support me and my music. It means a lot!

The Absolute Legend - 12,00 EURO

You are willing to pay a real concert ticket price to support me! Thank you so much for believing in what I do! You are an absolute legend in my books. This will definitely get you some karma!

Let me introduce myself

Hello, my name is Juc [Jut͡s]. I make melancholic music for misfits. I want to create a space in your head where you can come in, sit down, and let go. A place for love, play, dance, contemplation, and discovery – whatever you feel like doing. My vision of a good life is a creative playground where nobody must make compromises for the sake of fitting in.

Electronic music appeals to me because of its structure and the possibility to break it. I attempt to do that by adding organic instruments and vocals to programmed, repeating beats.

For me, true freedom is only possible with a clear scope of action. Without it, there’s nothing to align yourself to – and nothing to position yourself against. The absence of rules means the absence of choice – and who are we if we’re not able to choose our own fate?

By expressing myself musically, I want to reach out to other, like-minded people. We can create our misfit safe space together – be it live at my concerts or on your own in your favourite surroundings. Your choice.

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A concert in trying times

I was so happy to be invited to this fantastic event, empowering female musicians in the trying times of the German COVID-19 lockdown from March to June. With 12 amazing artists from various genres, RAKETEREI founder Imke Machura created an amazing Easter weekend festival. People participated from the safety of their homes via Zoom. Together, we celebrated music, ourselves and the female in music. I was honoured to be the first day’s headliner – it was my first concert with Juc ever!

Not your everyday festival

The stage was set in my living room with my favourite painting and my favourite piece of furniture as backdrop. I wanted to create an intimate and unpretentious atmosphere but still offer small things to discover (anybody found my life-long friend Garfield?).

I played three songs of my EP Hello, my name is as well as a new track that hasn’t been released yet. If not for my adorable attempts to make this show a live event using “mixed materials”, watch it for some fresh music by yours truly!