Ritual is a declaration of love to club culture and an expression of Juc’s needs that are not being met in these pandemic times. The almost ten-minute track is an invitation to make some space in your living room and let yourself fall into the meditative dance flow that Juc so desperately misses.

Ritual is divided into two parts: Sombre bass, spacious atmospheres and Juc’s plaintive vocals express her longing for dancing in the first part. Separated by a classic build-up, the second part of Ritual is dedicated to the dance flow that carries listeners away through spherical loops of Juc’s voice.

The perfect track for dancefloor-free times

The chorus to Ritual already came to Juc’s mind in the summer of 2019, back then with a completely different intention. At the time, the artist lived in Augsburg and longed for the lively nightlife of larger cities. Due to the organisational and psychological challenges that the pandemic also presented Juc with, she didn’t finalise Ritual until autumn 2020, when she realised that it was the perfect track for these dancefloor-free times and decided to release it as a standalone track – in the middle of the second lockdown.

“The closure of all the clubs because of Corona really hits me hard – one of my most effective coping strategies has vanished into thin air. Of course I can understand why this is a necessary evil at the moment, but I still can’t be happy about it. With Ritual, I want to create a space that enables us to be somewhere else for ten minutes, even at home.”
Juc about Ritual

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Music for Misfits

Juc [Jut͡s] is the first solo project of Julia Bencker from Munich. In addition to a classical piano education and a childhood as a studio singer, she has already had some regional success with her former band, the Balkanauten (headlining shows at festivals, appearances on Bayerischer Rundfunk and at the Oktoberfest).

Even though she loves live performances and handmade music (she also works as a classical alto), her heart also beats for distinctly darker and especially electronic sounds. She gave musical expression to this melancholic side of her emotional world for the first time at the end of 2019 with her debut EP Hello, my name is. With her Music for Misfits, she has dedicated herself to the mission of creating a creative playground for her listeners, where no one has to compromise to belong.

She could be heard on various local radio stations in 2020 (Radio Z/Nuremberg,, M 94.5/Munich). She also played her first gig at the Raketerei Festival 2020 as headliner of the Friday evening – in front of several hundred virtual spectators.

Juc cites electronic acts like Moderat, Polynation, Kiasmos and Trentemøller as influences, but also bands like Archive, HÆLOS and London Grammar. The main thing is that it is melancholic, multi-layered and beautiful.