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Hello, my name is Juc [Jut͡s].

With my electronic music for misfits I want to create a space where we can all take a hedonistic break from everyday life and be as dazzling and free as we want to be. My vision of a beautiful life is a creative playground where no one has to compromise to belong. In our performance-oriented system, we often have little strength left to pursue our true nature.

I love and appreciate electronic music because of its structure and the possibility to break with it. For me, true freedom is only possible when there is a defined framework for action. Without it, there is no (moral) orientation – and nothing to position oneself against. The absence of rules means the absence of freedom of choice – but who are we if we cannot choose our own destiny?


We are all part of a society that does not always have the interests of the individual at heart. It is exhausting to exist in such an environment. I therefore declare all people to be misfits and call my mission misfitism – community through non-fit.

I want to transport epicureanism into the world through my music and lyrics. Life is allowed to be fun – and when it’s not, we’re allowed to reward ourselves for getting through unpleasant times.

For the hedonism in your life I want to provide soundtrack and thoughts and create spaces in the form of concerts where you can live it without compromise.

How hedonism enriches my life

Hedonism is my philosophy of life. I try to make my life pleasant, that is, to do as few things as possible that do not give me pleasure. The Greek philosopher Epicurus sees hedonism as the pursuit of ataraxia, or perfect peace of mind – through sensual pleasures that do us no harm and allow us to go through life happy and healthy.

This is, of course, in stark contrast to what our churches have been teaching us for millennia, and thus, of course, massively shaping our society to this day. “That’s totally unreasonable, you’ll never get anywhere like that!”, I hear my inner dictator screaming over and over again. Of course, this dictator is strictly educated by our societal norms and various (capitalist) narratives that suggest to us that only hard, unpleasant work leads to real success. I don’t see it that way.

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