Particle Twirl

In the style of an Ecstatic Dance Wave, Juc weaves her voice, percussive elements and electronic basslines into intense, looped soundscapes. The result is a full dose of spherical downtempo rave meditation that takes you from standstill to sweaty euphoric catharsis.

A club-ready Liveset

“Many people ask me when I’m going to ‘DJ’ next, as they automatically associate DJing with electronic music. Particle Twirl is now my first club-ready live set that blends perfectly with regular DJ sets.”

One special feature of Particle Twirl ist the ever-increasing speed: Particle Twirl starts with a spherical soundscape without drums and, over the course of an hour, pulls the dancers up to a crisp 115 BPM.

Since Juc only plays the kick drum and bass from the computer and improvises the rest with her voice, every Particle Twirl sounds a little different – a real, danceable live experience.

About Juc

Juc [Jut͡s] creates spaces where no one has to bend to belong. Her vocal-electronic sound is sometimes punchy, sometimes frail, and always interwoven with her versatile, both classical and modern voice. Concerts with Juc fluctuate between extremely danceable and the desire to lie on the floor and just absorb the whole thing with closed eyes.

Juc’s influences range from Moderat, Polynation and Trentemøller to HÆLOS and Fever Ray. Her first electronic symphony was released on 19.05.2023 on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms, followed by a first live recording of Particle Twirl in August 2023 on Soundcloud.